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D4rkH4nd: I'd expect it to be seen. For example, "sudo apt-get update" won't fail if the repository doesn't have a checksum for the hash on it's signature. D4rkH4nd: Did you edit the mirrors to the ones we set on the host? yeah TJ- i did that earlier. TJ- in case you didnt see it you should see the 2 missing mirrors D4rkH4nd: Maybe the mirrors are changing during the day, and the change being reported here isn't due to the changes. I know there are issues on a public connection here at the moment the issue i can confirm right now is in maverick. cause you have the same bug there D4rkH4nd: No, they're 2 different issues. Also, we do get errors in the channel, that might just be a sign the server is being hammered at the moment i can confirm the issue as well as myself and my friend are able to fix it. and if you are going to call out different issues then what am i supposed to call out? D4rkH4nd: Right, we're on the maverick archive-mirror at the moment, we can't necessarily tell what the situation is on the canonical archive servers for precise. Can you give me the correct URL for Precise? D4rkH4nd: OK, so there are some errors in that URL in the 2nd entry there for precise yes. and you cant download




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CRACK AUTODATA 3.45 Crack FULL [TechTools] mercche

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